waste on a diet

 To achieve significantly the reduction of waste production in its territory, the SYBERT sets up five major complementary actions.





3 actions were focused on inhabitants living in dense collective housing:

  • Supporting them understand how waste incentive charging works, to enable them to use different means to manage their waste and their bills (by meeting with the landlords, prevention campaigns at the foot of the buildings or improving tools to help them to manage their waste).

  • Raising waste prevention awareness through door to door, events and campaigns about composting, eco-consumption, food waste, toxic products and WEEE, Re-use.

  • Developing 300 local collective composting tools: at the foot of the buildings, composting sheds and rotary drum composter for very dense areas.   


2 actions were intended to the whole territory of SYBERT:

  • Optimizing household waste recycling centres implementing badge access control system to know better the people’s habits. Targeted messages on prevention are also disseminated in HWRC

  • Creating a sorting centre for bulky items coming from HWRC to increase the material recovery and limit the storage.