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EN - The right waste disposal practices

Adopt the right waste disposal practices in your association of communities areas or in the urban agglomeration

Tips and ideas to make waste disposal easier

Thoroughly empty packing and containers destined for recycling (without washing them) :  

  • food tins and cans
  • food cartons
  • aerosol cans

Never put packing or cartons for recycling in a plastic bag. Packing in plastic bags will not be recycled...

Do not mix glass for recycling with other packing. Take it to the nearest bottle banks.

As from 1st July 2016, all plastic packing should be sorted for recycling : yoghurt pots, plastic trays, cartons, food bags and film wrap must be disposed of in recycling bins.

It is possible to sort small plastic bottles and jars, with their tops, including those for hygiene and beauty products.

Crushing plastic bottles assists identification by optical sorting facilities, and putting the tops back on avoids soiling.   

Warning : not all waste should be disposed of in the yellow (recycling) bins.


Product Solution

Waste electrical and electronic appliances   If they still work : (washing machines, refrigerators, computers...)

  •  If they still work :

Donate them to an association or take them to the appropriate recycling facilities at each of the SYBERT's Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC).

  • If they no longer work:  :

Think about the 'one for one' rule! When you buy a new appliance, shops are obliged to take in your old appliance. One less visit to the HWRC! 

Take them to the HWRC where they will be        disposed of appropriately

Bulky and dangerous objects(rubble, scrap metal, used oil, old bikes,


Take them to the HWRC

Organic waste

Use composting facilities or take it to the HWRC


Dispose of them in the appropriate réceptacles found in supermarkets, return them to battery sellers or take them to the HWRC

Old medicines, medical waste (used syringes, medical pouches...)

Take them to chemist shops and pharmacies
Nappies and diapers Put them in the grey (ordinary) waste bin
Plastic objects (other than mentioned above)

Put them in the grey bin or take them to the HWRC


Take the objects you no longer use to the SYBERT's recycling centres :

in every SYBERT HWRC, there is a disposal area for all those objects which can be reused. They are recovered by the TRI de Quingey and the EMMAUS Besançon and Ornans associations.