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Focus on the circular economy conference

As part of the project "Waste On A Diet", on Wednesday June 3, 2015, the SYBERT, in partnership with ACR + network and the Bourgogne Franche-Comté Regions Office based in Brussels, organized a conference around circular economy and biowaste management at the European Parliament.

This event was supported by Michèle RIVASI, MEP and Vice-Chair of the Greens / European Free Alliance. About 70 people attended the conference.


Michèle RIVASI shared her vision of ecology and circular economy with an overall consideration of the waste process. Then Catherine THIEBAUT, Chair of SYBERT presented the missions, the guiding actions and prospects of SYBERT about waste treatment and especially the project “Waste on a diet”. Sirpa PIETIKÄINEN (MEP - PPE) has expressed her point of view on circular economy and argued for an ecological sustainable model. Then Gunther WOLFF (DG Environment, European Commission) presented the work progress of the European Commission on the subject, including the Circular Economy package to come by the end of the year. Françoise BONNET (Secretary General of ACR +) reminded the waste hierarchy, shared the vision of ACR + on circular economy, and presented different local solutions related to bio-waste management in Europe. Then came the time of the round table led by Philippe MICHEAUX-NAUDET (ACR +) on bio-waste management in Europe sharing experiences of local authorities: Berthold SCHLEICH of ARGE, Association for waste prevention in Styria (Austria) presented the progress in prevention, home composting and community composting in the region of Styria. Christine SAUTENET (SYBERT) explained the different composting methods provided to the inhabitants living on the area and made an assessment of the actions. She also presented an analysis of the reduction in the share of bio-waste in the composition of household waste. Finally, Francesc Giró i Fontanals from ARC, the Catalan Waste Agency (Spain), presented various actions for waste prevention and tools in place in his region as the separate collection of bio-waste collective housing.


The various presentation materials are available below.